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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

alcohol addiction treatment

Do you have concerns that someone you know or love, in the Philadelphia area, has an alcohol addiction problem? If yes, and you are able to make this person admit that he or she has a problem with alcohol, then you should bring him or her to visit us at the Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia. We help people get back on track to living a sober, productive life.

While an alcohol addiction can put a strain on friendships, relationships and family members, it can also have physical consequences and legal consequences that can be difficult to recover from. But please don’t give up trying to convince your friend, brother, co-worker, whomever it may be, to come to alcohol rehab today. It is never too late to get control of one’s life and you might just be the push he or she needs in order to take the first step to recovery.

The health care professionals at the Philadelphia alcohol rehab are trained and experienced in dealing with alcohol addiction. They are here to help.
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Drug Addiction Treatment

drug addiction treatment

If you know someone who is abusing drugs in the Philadelphia area, you need to help them find his or her way to drug rehab right now. At the Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia, we will help your friend or loved one conquer their drug addiction.

We will help your friend or loved one detox and then start the treatment that we feel will be the most successful and give your friend the best shot at getting clean and sober. Education will also be part of our drug rehab, as it helps people look honestly at their addiction problems and starts to alter attitudes about drug use.

Don’t wait any longer. Convince the person in your life who needs help to come to drug rehab today. We are here for them and we’ll start treatment right away.
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

dual diagnosis treatment

While the beautiful city of Philadelphia is home to the Liberty Bell and cheesesteak, unfortunately, like all other major cities, it also is home to many people battling addiction. If you know someone struggling with dual diagnosis, direct them to the Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia.

We work to help diagnose the mental health issues, after people have detoxed from the drugs and alcohol. Once we have pinpointed the mental health issues, and find the right treatment plan for each individual person suffering from dual diagnosis, we will address the drug and/or alcohol addiction and get the patient on the road to recovery.

Don’t let someone you care about suffer with dual diagnosis on their own. Guide them to our Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia where we can give them the professional help and care they deserve.
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