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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Help my life is falling apart

Before I went to alcohol rehab, my life was falling apart. I went from binge drinking on weekends with my friends, to drinking on my own during the week, to taking breaks at work in order to track down some vodka. It was after months of this behavior, countless fights, and lying about drinking, when […]

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My loved one has dual diagnosis

When loved ones are suffering from dual diagnosis, it can be difficult to know how to help them. But when someone is enduring both a mental illness, in addition to having a substance abuse problem, they need professional help to get them on track. When you suspect loved ones are suffering from dual diagnosis, you may want […]

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Find the life you deserve after drug rehab

Making the choice to go to drug rehab will be one of the most difficult decisions that you ever make. Part of that difficulty might be that you are having trouble seeing, or imagining, the life you deserve. The life where you are clean, have repaired relationships with people who have been hurt by your drug use, and […]

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