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What To Do If Your Social Drinking has Become Something More

alcohol-rehabAre you someone who has always referred to themselves as a “social drinker”? We hear this a lot. People describing themselves as social drinkers. The problem arises when a person, who once had a couple of drinks, once or twice a week with friends, suddenly becomes much more social. While a social drinking habit may not be a problem initially, it can suddenly become something that requires alcohol rehab after a person’s social calendar becomes much fuller than it used to be and much more alcohol is consumed.

If you find yourself going out every day after work, or drinking every day at lunch just to be social, maybe you should reconsider whether this is a harmless habit or not. A common definition of social drinking is someone who drinks alcohol in the company of others, but is in control of his or her drinking, never reaching the point of becoming drunk.

Others might choose to define “social drinking” as drinking alcohol in a responsible manner where one never lets his or her blood alcohol level get higher than the legal limit for operating a car. Does this always apply to you? If not, maybe you have let your social drinking get out of control. If so, you should think about a trip to alcohol rehab where we can help you get sober.

When social drinking becomes a problem, you will notice that the line to becoming dependent on alcohol and requiring alcohol rehab has been crossed. One sign of this line being crossed is when family members or loved ones start to express concern about your alcohol intake. When others express worry about another’s drinking habits, this is often an initial red flag that there is a problem.

Other indicators that suggest your social drinking has crossed a line is when you find yourself feeling guilty or ashamed about drinking. Have you had to lie to others in order to hide the fact that you are drinking? If so, you need to consider alcohol rehab. When you come home from work, or even while at work, do you feel like you need a drink of alcohol in order to relax? If so, this is another red flag that you have crossed a line.

Another indication that your social drinking has become a problem is when you regularly drink more than you intended to drink. For example, if you meet a friend after work at the local pub and plan on having one, maybe two drinks, at the most, but end up closing down the bar. This is an indication that you have passed social drinking and are now at alcohol dependency. You need to go to alcohol rehab for help.

Don’t let your alcohol addiction ruin your life. Get help before the addiction has a chance to do any permanent damage. We can help you get sober.