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Help my life is falling apart


Before I went to alcohol rehab, my life was falling apart. I went from binge drinking on weekends with my friends, to drinking on my own during the week, to taking breaks at work in order to track down some vodka.

It was after months of this behavior, countless fights, and lying about drinking, when my fiancé finally had enough and left me. I got fired from my job after I screwed up an account for my boss with a major client. I just drank more. I even started to alienate my friends who I used to drink heavily with on weekends. One such friend suggested that I may need alcohol rehab and I threw a bottle of beer at his head. That was it for my friends. I didn’t see many of them after that.

It wasn’t long after I had officially ruined all my remaining friendships, that I was evicted from my apartment. I had no idea what I was going to do. I found myself on my parents’ doorstep, sobbing and broken. My Mom, who later told me I reeked of alcohol, just held me and let me cry on her shoulder on their porch, like I was a little girl. The next morning, my parents dropped me off at alcohol rehab.

I was lucky. I had destroyed so much in my life, but I still had a couple of people left who loved me enough to help me find the help I needed at alcohol rehab. I spent months drying out, working on identifying the reasons behind my drinking, and trying to figure out ways to avoid drinking once I left alcohol rehab.

I have settled into my parents’ basement for now and have got a new job. Life is slowing getting back on track for me following alcohol rehab. I attend regular meetings, finding strength by surrounding myself with others on similar journeys. Right now, I am working on making amends. I have reached out to my former fiancé and friends. I am doing what I can to apologize for my past mistakes.

If your life is currently falling apart, you have to know others have been there too. I have been there too. There is hope for you. It all starts will alcohol rehab. You have to decide to change your life and make different decisions, even if they are the hardest decisions you will ever have to make.