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Overcoming Drug Addiction

drug-rehab-philadelphiaChoosing to overcome drug addiction is a difficult decision. It is not always something that can be done on one’s own. A solid support system is usually needed, whether it is friends and family or those providing help at drug rehab. After drug rehab, some major changes have to take place in your life in order for you to remain clean and sober.

These changes don’t just involve choosing to get clean. Although that is the first decision that has to be made. Whether you are choosing to overcome drug addiction because it is harming your health, hurting your relationships with loved ones, has ruined your career, or has lead you to make bad or illegal decisions — whatever the reasons — you have to want to get clean and stop doing drugs. Just wanting to stop might not be enough for some people to stay clean. But it has to be the first decision that is made.

When you check into rehab, you will go through withdrawal, get clean and start treatment where you will work on identifying the reasons behind your drug use. You will also work on repairing damaged relationships and identifying ways to make the necessary changes in your life that will help and encourage you to stay sober. This is where many of the tough decisions are made for people trying to overcome drug addiction.

First, you will need to look at who you socialize with and the people who you allow into your life. It is a big decision to get clean and it is another big decision to stop socializing with anyone who was previously in your life and who may derail the your decision to stay clean. Whether it is coworkers that you socialized with on Friday nights, or your best friend from childhood, or your brother, you have to be strong enough to resist the temptation to fall back into old behaviors and patterns. This means not hanging out with people who you previously did drugs with. Period.

Another big change for those looking to overcome drug addiction after drug rehab, is examining the way you deal with stressors in your life. When stressful situations pop up, that is when many users turn to drugs in order to deal with them. But someone in drug rehab has to make the choice to handle stress in a different way. Maybe it means getting a massage. Maybe it means taking a few minutes to yourself. Whatever it means for each individual, it has to mean not turning to drugs like you used to.

Finally, an addict who has gone to drug rehab and who wants to change their life, must decide to make the biggest change of all…you have to change what you think about yourself. It may sound easy, but changing your opinion of yourself is exceptionally hard. Maybe you have been told throughout your whole life that you are worthless. At drug rehab, we will work hard to convince you that is not the case. Everyone is worthy of living a clean and sober life. If you, or someone you know, are ready to make the hard decisions and changes that come along with overcoming drug addiction, the Affordable Rehab of Philadelphia is ready to help.